Free Programs

The Wonderful World of "Freeware"

There is a lot of really good software available on the Internet which is legitimately free, it doesn't always have all the bells and whistles of the expensive commercial software but often it is every bit as good and sometimes even better.
Here are some examples of software which cater for most of the tasks you will want to perform on your computer and they will all cost you absolutely nothing. Try some:

Office Word Processing LibreOffice Writer

Spreadsheet LibreOffice Calc

Presentation LibreOffice Impress

Database LibreOffice Base

Typing Tutor Tipp10

Type Faster

Financial Money Money Manager Ex


Internet Internet Browser Firefox

Mail Reader Pegasus


FTP Filezilla

Torrent Download Utorrent

Media Media Viewer/player VLC

PDF Reader Foxit Reader

PDF Creator Primo PDF

CD/DVD Burner InfraRecorder

DVD Backups DVDShrink 3.2

CD Ripper Cdex V1.70b4


DVD Creator DVD Styler

Edit MP3 Tags MP3 Editor

Photoshop Gimp

Photo Management Picasa 3

Video Converter Freemake

Audio Editor Audacity

Ebook Manager Calibre

Utilities File Renamer Bulk Renamer

Rename 1.4a

Disk Space TreeSize Free

Notepad Notepad +++

File Archiver 7-Zip

Password Manager Keepass

Portable Applications Portable Apps

File Backup Areca

Secure Erase Eraser

Startup Files Startup Inspector

Remove Temp Files Clean It

Universal Clock Time Keeper

Free Tutorials M$ Software Computer Tutorials

Excel Tips

Automate Excel

Word Tips

Office Tips

M$ Office Tutorials

Open Office Open Office Tutorials

(LibreOffice) Learn Open Office

Open Office Docs & Tutorials

For more detailed information about all these programs and more go to the links above
If you are looking for a specific program not mentioned above one of the best sources of open source (ie free) software is SourceForge just do a search for the software you are interested in on the web site itself.


One of the best sources for tutorials on just about any subject is YouTube. In the search box enter the subject followed by the word "tutorial" and you will be amazed at the number of videos listed. Some will be poor quality but there will be excellent ones too. The same search in Google also usually brings up surprisingly interesting results.

Protect Yourself

The kiosk usually has copies of "The little black book of scams" published by ACCC. If you are unable to get to the kiosk you can order a copy by ringing the ACCC's Infocentre on 1300 302 502 to request your free copy.
Don't let stories of fraud and scams put you off using the internet and/or your computer, if you take simple protective measures such as running an up to date virus scanner at all times, realising that if something sounds too good to be true it probably is and that nobody really wins a lottery they didn't enter then using this technology is like life - you could get run over by a bus but you probably won't. Enjoy it.