Computer & Internet

Broadband for Seniors Kiosk - #964

CPSA Dapto Seniors' runs its own Internet kiosk (#964) offering free computer and Internet lessons to members (the only thing we would ask is that participants give a gold coin donation to cover the cost of the phone line rental and the preparation of handouts etc).
The club has two NEC computers funded by the Federal government under their Broadband for Seniors Scheme and individual tuition is offered in one hour blocks.
The classes cover a range of skill levels from absolute beginners to people who have a basic understanding of computers and the Internet and can be tailored to an individual's particular needs.
The scheme has now provided us with a new computer using the Windows 8 operating system (see picture above). Our computers will also have many more superb programs for demonstration and training. Now you can bring your own laptop and connect it to our modem so you can learn about your own computer and receive personal instruction on the same machine that you use at home.

Topics covered:

Some examples of the topics covered are:
  • All the basic skills such as using the mouse, the 'Windows' desktop, using a ‘browser’, setting up an email account etc.
  • Find and move files on your computer.
  • Basic word processing and/or spreadsheets.
  • Sending and receiving emails. How to send and receive ‘attachments’. Send your photographs to friends and relatives.
  • Searching the Internet for programs, information, businesses and web sites and how to download or ‘bookmark’ this information for easy access in the future.
  • The principles of on-line shopping, newsletter groups, WiFi, ‘Googling’, ‘hotspots’, FAQs and more...
  • The importance of anti virus software and an active firewall.
  • Where/how to get excellent, useful but free programs quite legally - you need never pay for a piece of software again.
  • Save, catalogue and edit your digital photos.
  • Create and copy CDs and DVDs.
  • Skype - talk to someone anywhere in the world for free.
  • ‘Rip’ music from your CD collection for your MP3 player or mobile phone.
This is only a small selection of the one on one tuition available but everything is designed around your particular needs. Questions are encouraged, in fact compulsory :)

Dapto Library

Members are reminded that Dapto Library has free Internet connected computers available for library members to book, They also have a free WiFi 'Hot Spot' which enables you to connect your own laptop to their internet. These facilities are next door to the Seniors' Heininger House and is a council facility well worth taking advantage of.

Leaflets and Handouts

As part of our regular tuition classes we create handouts for students on subjects of particular interest or concern. These leaflets are downloadable as PDF flies by right clicking on the link then click on "Save Link as..." or " Save Target as... " in the context menu.

What can I do?
A directory of some of the things you can do with your computer and the Internet. Definitively not a definitive list.
Beginner's Guide
Thinking of buying a computer or just bought one? This guide gives you some basic information on what to look for and what to check or perhaps change on your new computer.
Using Windows Explorer
A guide to the main features of Windows Explorer. To help you to unlock full potential of this Microsoft program to enable you to maintain your computer's files and folders exactly as you want them.
Cut and Paste
Step by step instructions on using Windows shortcut keys to manipulate text and files. Something every Windows user should be aware of.
Connect to the NBN.
This is the cheap and easy way to connect to the NBN; the only equipment required are your computer/laptop with a network port, a network cable and information from your ISP (Internet Service Provider). This leaflet tells you how to make it work.
Set up a Router as a Repeater.
This hand out is for those who have dead spots in their house where the internet does not seem to reach. It details how to set an old WiFi router to fill the void.
Using KeePass - Password Manager
How many people are tempted to use the same password for everything? Too many! This program keeps all your passwords in one place, generates secure passwords and is available for mobile devices as well as your computer. You only have to remember one (secure) password.
Open Office Help
Some useful tips for those starting word processing using the excellent, free Open Office Suite. (Applies to LibreOffice too)
Free Software
A catalogue of the 'freeware' programs available on the club's Really Useful Programs CD. Members can take a copy of specific programs on their own memory stick or burn the whole lot to their own CD. All the programs on this disk can be freely and legally distributed.
ImgBurn - Save your files to a CD or DVD
ImgBurn is free disk burning software. It enables you to burn files (eg Photos) or whole folders to a CD or DVD either as a backup or to share with friends and relatives. The handout explains how to install the program on your computer and how to use it's most important feature.
Picasa Help File
Picasa is a free photo organisation and editing program from Google. This document helps you get started with this really useful program.
Computer Tuition Brochure
Why do you need to be part of the "information age"? This small brochure explains why and gives details of Dapto Seniors' Broadband for Seniors Kiosk.
Club Information
A small brochure to wet your appetite about CPSA Dapto Seniors'. Gives brief details of the many club activities as well as meeting dates and location
Membership Form
Designed to be printed on a standard Post Office Preferred DL envelope (110mm by 220mm). Just print out, fill in your details, put $12 in the envelope, seal it and hand to the club's membership co-ordinator at the next meeting. Suitable pre printed envelopes are available from the club's office.
Mobile Device Safety (Tablet, Phone etc)
A brief handout on keeping the data on your mobile phone or tablet safe. This information came from the government's Stay Safe On Line web site and is very useful without being scary. Just one quote, "Remember your smartphone or tablet is a mini-computer and you need to protect and secure it just as you would your home or laptop computer. Treat your smartphone like your wallet; keep it safe and with you at all times." Well worth reading.
Little Black Book of Scams
This is the ACCC booklet giving details of scams, rip-offs, rorts and swindles which have been carried out in Australia together with ways of avoiding them (basically if it sounds too good to be true it probably is). Worth reading too.