Saturday, 19 August 2023

A Change for 2024

At a recent meeting a slight change was made to our meeting dates for 2024.

As you probably know our meetings currently occur every fortnight, this poses problems for some members who have groups that meet, for example, on the first Thursday of the month. At certain times of the year they cannot attend meetings because our meetings clash with theirs.

It used to be a thing that our meetings coincided with "Pension Day" but these days pensions are paid out on just about every day of the fortnight so that term has lost its meaning. It was also difficult to know when the first or last meeting of the year would occur.

A change was proposed by the committee and ratified by the members that from 2024 meetings will be held on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month. The first meeting of the year will always be the 4th meeting in January and the last will be held on the 2nd Thursday in December. It will mean that there will be a couple of less meetings each year because three meetings in a month can never occur - for example this occurred in August with meetings on the 3rd, 17th and 31st of the month.

As stated this will commence in 2024 until then meetings will continue every fortnight for the rest of this year.

Our next meeting is on the 31st August at 10.30am.

See you there...

Saturday, 22 July 2023

Next Meeting - 3rd August 2023

 The next meeting is on the 3rd August 2023 please try to attend.

Come early because that is when you get to meet other members, buy a raffle ticket, check out the goods for sale on the trade table and join everyone for a cup of tea and a biscuit.

The actual meeting only usually lasts for about half an hour, the rest of the morning is spent socialising.


The AGM was held at our last meeting - only 25 members attended out of a total membership of nearly 120. This is very disappointing. 

Were it not for a couple of volunteers who put their hand up at the very last minute to take on essential roles in the running of your club the branch came perilously close to closing down.

If there is no committee, there is no club, if there is no club there are no free rooms provided for your hobby or interests and there is no public liability insurance for your protection.

Please make the effort to attend our regular meetings, no one pretends that these meetings are exciting but they are essential for the continued well being of the branch. There are only a couple each month.

You could win up to $60 in the raffle so it is worth your while attending.

Monday, 3 July 2023

Next Meeting - 6th July


The next branch meeting is on the 6th July in Heninger Hall. All members are encouraged to attend.

There will be a demonstration of the defibrillator equipment by a member of council staff.

Come early for a cup of tea and a biscuit, browse the trade table for a bargain and chat to friends.

The meeting starts promptly at 10.30am.

See you there...


The branch AGM will be held on the 20th July.

All positions will be declared vacant please consider standing for a committee position to keep our club strong

Sunday, 18 June 2023

Next Meeting - 22nd June 2023

 The meeting starts promptly at 10.30 am

Don't forget to come early:

  • Buy your raffle tickets to win one of three terrific cash prizes.
  • Enjoy a tea/coffee and biscuits.
  • Have a look for a bargain on the trade table.
  • Pick up a free copy of The Senior Newspaper when they are available.
  • Find out about our many activities that you can join in, there is something on everyday of the week.

During the meeting there will be the usual short reports about the various activities the club offers its members and you are able to bring up matters of interest to members during General Business - don't be afraid to speak up if there is something that concerns you, this is YOUR club.

The meeting usually finishes between 11 and 11.30am.

New members are most welcome to come along and find out about the club, there is a short newsletter available for new or potential members at the raffle/signing in table which details coming events and contact details for the various group leaders. Please take one.

See you there...

Sunday, 4 June 2023

Next Meeting - 8th June 2023

The next branch meeting is on the 8th June in Heninger Hall. All members are encouraged to attend.

Come early for a cup of tea and a biscuit, browse the trade table for a bargain and chat to friends.

The meeting starts promptly at 10.30am.

See you there...

Sunday, 15 January 2023

 First Meeting of 2023

The first meeting of  2023 with be held in the hall on the 19th January 2023.

Membership fees will be due - still only $15

See you there...

Monday, 1 November 2021

Next Meeting & a Pie and Peas Night

The secretary has organised one last meeting for 2021. 

 9th December 2021 
 Usual time, usual place

This will be followed by a Pie and Peas Lunch

Details to follow.