Wednesday 28 January 2015

Next Meeting–29th January 2015

Doesn’t time fly? already it is time for the second meeting of 2015!

The Branch Annual General Meeting

A question was raised at the last meeting asking, “When is the club’s AGM?”

As you are probably aware last year we changed the club’s financial year from the calendar year to the financial year as allowed in the constitution - rule 11.13.14.

CPSA Constitution 11 13 14 rule

This change was purely to assist our hard working Treasurer so he didn’t have to produce two financial statements each year. The only other effect it has is to delay the AGM (rule 11.8.2).

CPSA Constitution 11 8 2 rule

This change doesn’t affect the membership year which remains as the calendar year nor does it affect the hall and room bookings which again remain tied to the calendar year. We anticipate the AGM and election of office bearers will be held during the last meeting in July but this will be subject the club’s accounts being audited so bear with us on this it is a new experience for all of us. Once we have this year under our belt the following years should be easier.

I hope this clears things up.

A Reminder

All Memberships are due! It is still only $12 for the year but please bring the exact money.

Our show ticket organiser would like the $60 for those going to Les Miserable.

See you at the meeting!

Monday 12 January 2015

Next Meeting - 15th January 2015

The meeting starts promptly at 10.30 am

Don't forget to come early.

This is the first meeting of 2015 and all annual membership fees are due but the good news is that annual fees are still only $12. Please make our hard working treasurer’s life a little easier by bringing the correct money in an envelope. If you want an application form one can be downloaded by >>Clicking Here<< . This form is designed to be printed on a DL envelope (110mm by 220mm).

The morning will have all the usual features:

  • Buy your raffle tickets to win one of either $20 or two $10 prizes.
  • Book a computer lesson
  • Get your name down for one of the hit shows booking this year.
  • Enjoy a tea/coffee and biscuits.
  • Have a look for a bargain on the trade table.
  • Pick up a copy of The Senior Newspaper and/or The Voice when they are available.
  • Find out about our many activities that you can join in, there is something on everyday of the week.

During the meeting there will be the usual short reports about the various activities the club offers its members and you are able to bring up matters of interest to members during General Business - don't be afraid to speak up if there is something that concerns you, this is YOUR club.

The meeting usually finishes between 11 and 11.30am.

Some Reminders:

As was originally discussed late in 2013 and confirmed last year our financial year has been changed to coincide with the Head Office financial year so we will not be having an AGM in January. The AGM will be held in late July or early August (possibly 30th July but the actual date will be given in plenty of time before the event).

The club’s Birthday Book was getting a bit tatty so a new one has been produced - please write your name clearly in the appropriate date if you would like your birthday or anniversary mentioned at the meeting just before the event.

New members are most welcome to come along and find out about the club, there is a short newsletter available for new or potential members at the raffle/signing in table which details coming events and contact details for the various group leaders. Please take one.

Thursday 1 January 2015

It's 2015!

A Happy New Year to all our members

Don't forget our first meeting of 2015 is on the 15th January. See you then.