Friday 9 August 2019

AGM–22nd August 2019

Yes, another year has passed and it is time for the Dapto Branch of Combined Pensioners and Superannuants Association of NSW Inc to hold its AGM.

On the 22nd August we will hear the annual report from our outgoing President about the activities and achievements that the branch has enjoyed during the past year, also the Treasurer will give a full report on the branch’s audited financial position. The President will then declare all positions vacant and ask the Returning Officer to hold an election for the new branch committee.

If you haven’t nominated for a position yet it is still not too late, the branch secretary will accept nominations right up until the start of the meeting at 10.30am. You can nominate yourself for any position, all you need is two other branch members to second you so don’t be shy.

After the AGM we will continue with our normal fortnightly meeting including the draw of our terrific raffle with its $80 of cash prizes to be won each fortnight.

Our Lunch Venue

Some members have expressed a desire that in future we hold all our lunches at Kembla Grange Golf Club, indeed it is a very nice setting for such an event. Unfortunately, as our lunch organiser found out, the cost is prohibitive with the price being nearly twice that of a similar lunch at Dapto Leagues Club. Sorry Folks…

Never mind, our four lunches will still be as enjoyable as they have been in the past, in fact the next lunch is not far away - on the 13th September - tickets will be on sale at the next meeting. Still only $20 for members – do join us..

Social Day Out

We will be having another Social Day Out this year on the 11th October. Watch this space for more information very soon.

Monday 5 August 2019

Next Meeting–8th August 2019

The meeting starts promptly at 10.30 am

Don't forget to come early:

  • Buy your raffle tickets to win a fantastic $50 cash prize with the runner up winning $20 and $10 for the third lucky winner.
  • Book a computer lesson
  • Enjoy a tea/coffee and biscuits.
  • Have a look for a bargain on the trade table.
  • Pick up a copy of The Senior Newspaper and/or The Voice when they are available.
  • Find out about our many activities that you can join in, there is something on everyday of the week.

During the meeting there will be the usual short reports about the various activities the club offers its members and you are able to bring up matters of interest to members during General Business - don't be afraid to speak up if there is something that concerns you, this is YOUR club.

The meeting usually finishes between 11 and 11.30am.

New members are most welcome to come along and find out about the club, there is a short newsletter available for new or potential members at the raffle/signing in table which details coming events and contact details for the various group leaders. Please take one.


Don’t forget that the AGM is on the 22nd August 2019 so this is nearly your last opportunity to nominate for a position on the committee for 2019–2010 year.  Don’t wait to be asked; you can nominate yourself - just fill in the nomination form and ask two other members to sign it for you. Don’t be shy, your club needs you.

How to Kill A Branch

The following is a guide on how to kill a club:

  • Decline all offices and committee appointments: You're too busy - Then offer vociferous advice on how to do things.
  • Don't work: It's not your concern - Then complain because the Branch has stagnated or facilities are not ready.
  • Don't get involved: That's for the committee - Then complain about the lack of organisation.
  • Don't initiate new ideas: That requires thinking - Then play devil's advocate to those submitted by others.
  • Don't participate beyond your dues: They are too high anyway - Then complain about poor financial management.
  • Don't encourage others to become members: That's selling - Then complain about membership not growing.
  • Don't read news letters or notices: They are not important - Then complain you're never kept informed.
  • Don't volunteer your talents: That's ego fulfilling - Then complain you're never asked and never appreciated.

You may have read this & had a little laugh, but look at it in a serious light & it drives home the need for the whole membership of the branch to become involved to ensure its success, or simply its survival.

Birthday Lunch

Our 57th Birthday Lunch was a great success. Forty five members sat down to a splendid meal at Kembla Grange Golf Club –afterwards many members said how much they enjoyed themselves. Our lunch organiser deserves our congratulations, Jackie does a wonderful job.

See you at the next meeting…