Saturday 22 July 2023

Next Meeting - 3rd August 2023

 The next meeting is on the 3rd August 2023 please try to attend.

Come early because that is when you get to meet other members, buy a raffle ticket, check out the goods for sale on the trade table and join everyone for a cup of tea and a biscuit.

The actual meeting only usually lasts for about half an hour, the rest of the morning is spent socialising.


The AGM was held at our last meeting - only 25 members attended out of a total membership of nearly 120. This is very disappointing. 

Were it not for a couple of volunteers who put their hand up at the very last minute to take on essential roles in the running of your club the branch came perilously close to closing down.

If there is no committee, there is no club, if there is no club there are no free rooms provided for your hobby or interests and there is no public liability insurance for your protection.

Please make the effort to attend our regular meetings, no one pretends that these meetings are exciting but they are essential for the continued well being of the branch. There are only a couple each month.

You could win up to $60 in the raffle so it is worth your while attending.