Sunday 9 March 2014

Next Meeting - 13th March 2014

The meeting starts promptly at 10.30 am

Don't forget to come early:

  • Buy your raffle tickets to win one of either $20 or two $10 prizes.
  • Book a computer lesson
  • Get your name down for one of the hit shows booking this year.
  • Enjoy a tea/coffee and biscuits.
  • Have a look for a bargain on the trade table.
  • Maureen will be selling tickets for the club's annual picnic.
  • Pick up a ticket to the Premier's Seniors Week Concert before they all go.
  • Pick up a copy of The Senior Newspaper and/or The Voice when they are available.

During the meeting there will be the usual short reports about the various activities the club offers its members and you are able to bring up matters of interest to members during General Business - don't be afraid to speak up if there is something that concerns you, this is YOUR club.

The meeting usually finishes between 11 and 11.30am.

New members are most welcome to come along and find out about the club, there is a short newsletter available for new or potential members at the raffle/signing in table which details coming events and contact details for the various group leaders. Please take one.

Bus Trips

The next bus trip is to the Jewish Museum in Sydney. Tickets will be on sale at this meeting.

Tramway Museum

There was a full bus for the club's March bus trip to the Tramway Museum at Loftus.

The group had two tram rides as well as a talk about the interesting trams in the Museum's care. Afterwards the group adjourned to the Engadine RSL for a chat and, of course, lunch.

BYO Picnic

Russell organised another picnic for Thursday 6th March. This time it was held at Cordeaux Dam where the water catchment authority maintains excellent facilities. The weather was a big improvement over the previous picnic and everybody had a really enjoyable time.

After lunch everybody ventured down to the dam wall.

Keep an ear out at a future meeting for the next event Russell organises; they are great fun.

Club Picnic

The annual club picnic is to be held on 3rd April 2014 at Integral Energy Park along Darkes Road. Maureen is organising another splendid feast for club members. Unlike the BYO picnic at the club picnic food and entertainment is supplied.

Tickets for this event will be on sale at the next meeting. Still only $10 but remember to bring cutlery, a cup and plate.