Saturday 14 April 2012

20th April - Walking Group

Darling Harbour Revisited

Wow! What a busy week for club members.

The day after the picnic the walking group will be making another visit to Darling Harbour and the Maritime Museum. Why don't you join us?

This time the group is determined to fully explore the Maritime Museum and will be heading there directly from Town Hall Railway Station. Our last visit to Darling Harbour was during Seniors' Week when we had intended to visit the 'free' exhibits at the museum but discovered that now it was only $10 for a concession ticket to visit everything including the ships moored alongside in the harbour (see earlier Blog). So that is the plan

As usual the group will meet in the Dapto Railway Station waiting room at about 7.40am to catch the 7.55am Sydney train. If you are late we will be in the second carriage. Please join us, you will be made very welcome.